About Us

Preparing for the expected is easy. Preparing for the unexpected requires a whole new level of dedication. That idea serves as the foundation for all that we do at Hoffman Richter. It is why we build our tools for the people who use them ­­ and why the people who use them are the very ones who build our tools. We ask ourselves: “How do we make this better? Stronger? Lighter? More efficient? More profoundly useful?” Our design lab is the mountains and streams we run to on the weekends and the garages we toil in at night. The only corners we cut are the rinds off a block of cheese.

440 Stainless Steel and Aircraft Aluminum are not part of what we make, but ALL of what we make. America wasn’t built on plastic and neither are we.

Designed to handle extremes but made for everyday life, Hoffman Richters can be found in purses and pockets, handbags and Bug Out Bags, tool boxes and gift boxes. We don’t judge what you use them for or why… only that they get the job done.