Hoffman Richter HR­-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener


This clever tool is an invaluable, possibly life­saving utensil that is equally at home in your purse, bug­out bag, toolbox, or even the kitchen drawer.

This pintsized knife sharpener is easy to use and in seconds flat will sharpen any knife, from your old pocket knife to a full-sized machete, almost instantly!

Grab one today to make sure that no matter where you are, you’re never more than an arm’s length away from a sharp knife.

  • PRECISION ENGINEERED FOR PRACTICALLY ANY KNIFE – Specifically designed to hone your knife to an exact 22.5 degrees, to give your blade a constantly perfect edge each time, in seconds flat, from your old pocket knife to a full sized machete, in just seconds
  • TUNGSTEN CARBIDE RODS – Use these rods to literally shave the metal from your blade. Just a few strokes will almost instantly restore even the dullest blade
  • CERAMIC FINISHING RODS – These super-tough ceramic rods will then polish almost any sharpened blade to a finished edge in just a few strokes
  • ULTRA-LIGHT AND ULTRA-TOUGH – At just under one ounce, the tough ABS plastic housing will last a lifetime in your backpack, bug out bag, or workshop
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Rest easy because your knife sharpener is protected by Hoffman Richter’s Ironclad Lifetime Warranty; The satisfaction and quality guarantee makes these pocket sharpeners great gifts for family or friends, too


The All-New HR-1 Pocket Sharpener’s specially designed tungsten carbide and ceramic sharpeners will reshape your used and useless blade to a razor’s edge almost instantly.