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It’s an incredibly sharp, tough, and durable axe that can take down just about any firewood.

A multipurpose 300 lumen HYBEAM Tactical torch with a genuine YAG™ bulb. And built in rechargeable lithium battery so you’re never left in the dark.

A neodymium “rare earth” magnet for hands free use of the torch while working on your car or around any metal surface.

Two different attachments to your torch as well as a built in Strobe and SOS function. White for use as a camp lantern when the fire goes out. Red for use as an Emergency beacon

An extra large Ferro rod that is twice as thick as normal Ferro rods, strikes at a blistering 3000° and guarantees 30,000 strikes so you can get a fire going no matter what.

A built in combination mini saw and knife that is a perfectly concealed backup blade.

10’ of genuine paracord that when broken down and using the individual strands gives you 100’ total length of cordage, good for fishing, sewing, suturing, setting traps and snares and much more.

A gardening hoe for turning soil and clearing weeds.

It has a built in ruler for measuring.

Scissors for cutting cordage down to size.

An included screwdriver with both Philips and “flat head” attachments for almost any household chore.
An emergency tourniquet to make sure that you make it home no matter what.

A 120db “howler” whistle so you can save your voice and still signal for rescue.

An improvised snare trap so you’ll never be left hungry.

A hammer for pounding in tent pegs so you’re tent won’t collapse.

A bottle opener, so that at the end of the day, you can relax and crack open a cold one.

When it comes to survival gear, you’ve got 1,001 options… but the TITAN has 19 that I guarantee you’ve NEVER thought of… If you’ve never thought of a survival shovel you’ve got to check out the TITAN NOW!

This tool has created a well deserved spot in all of my gear (and has a dedicated space in my trunk).

Whether you’re camping, hiking, or bugging out… The Hoffman-Richter TITAN is an incredible asset to have on hand at all times!



The HR300 Titan was forged by Hoffman Richter to eliminate the need for multiple tools. This military grade steel tool cuts down weight while increasing versatility in multiple areas. Created to aid emergency, military, off-road, camping, and survivalists.